Space with Story 2019-2021 Space with Story 2019-2021

There are as many stories as there are settings.

Today, people’s lifestyles and contemporary interior settings are becoming increasingly diverse. Whether the space is a restaurant or an office, there is no single, uniform design approach. There are as many stories as there are settings. QUON aims to satisfy the requirements of each story with one “just-right” choice. For us, ready-made products are just part of our versatile capabilities. Through QUON, we deliver “the ideal chair” by leveraging our comprehensive design and made-to-order service that allows more flexibility and freedom.


Starting a new day with bread fresh from the oven and a cup of coffee…a casual chair on which you can sit comfortably adds pleasure to your relaxation time in the morning. Three types of designs are incorporated into one setting to allow variations in appearance and coordination.

Cafe style with a sophisticated urban image Combining black metal frames with serene beige and brown space adds spice to the overall impression.

Unique and quaint wooden chairs add warmth to the relaxing space, creating a comfortable ambience that makes you want to stay there longer.

The color and texture of metal legs achieve chic, contemporary coordination. The rigid mold chair provides a sense of being securely nested, producing deep relaxation.


A leisurely conversation with a friend, drink in hand…this is a casual, yet high-quality time. Having a conversation on a sofa on the same level as your friend will open up your mind.


A casual restaurant for every occasion, from daily lunching to a special anniversary Since meals should be enjoyed using the five senses, close attention should be paid to the setting of the space in order to provide the utmost in hospitality.

The dignified appearance of chairs with wooden legs and the fabric colors that generate elegant, yet cozy ambience strikes a happy balance of serenity and lightness.


A lounge provides a place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for cozy conversation and refreshments. This is a formal lounge with a hotel-like interior design. Here, meaningful time passes in a luxurious and leisurely manner.

A cozy lounge where people can sit back and enjoy conversation The chic and elegant color coordination invites guests to totally relax.


A meeting space with vitamin-inspired colors that activate the creativity of working people Playful metal-framed chairs add fun to the charming interior.

The roundish form and calming colors exude subtle freedom and quality. It encourages people to sit and listen to each other, deepening their discussion.


A break room is a place where employees can relax during their work breaks or at the end of the working day. It is designed as a flexible, versatile space that can also be used for informal meetings.

Nico helps to make an interior space simple and open. The unique pentagonal stools can be combined in a variety of ways, creating a rhythmic layout.


Waiting rooms should be spaces where anyone can relax, all the more so for those in hospitals. Linear black frames add moderate sophistication to the soft relaxing space.

This waiting room has a natural ambience that was produced by leveraging the wood texture. The spacious benches and bright, clean interior design make it a space that helps people to relax, both physically and mentally.


This is a public space where the monotone coordination produces mature adult-like serenity. The slender, black metal frame helps to create a space with a floating, light look, rather than a heavy atmosphere.

Sofa benches placed in a rhythmical manner generate a rather “fun” impression. The eye-catching sofa with a high back adds just the right amount of intimacy to the corner of the public space.