Embracing diversity in our users, we place utmost importance on cultivating a design that resonates harmoniously.

QUON’s pursuit of design excellence revolves around seamless integration with diverse environments. We strive to deliver products seamlessly blending into commercial establishments, eateries, and office spaces where a myriad of individuals and materials coalesce. Our vision is to craft spaces where communication effortlessly intertwines.

Refining our cultivated expertise with adaptability to contemporary trends and demands.

Introducing “Core Design” as a conscientious and universally reliable choice in contract furniture, while also embracing the evolving needs with “Originality Design,” a modern style capturing the spirit of the times. Endeavoring to create products that seamlessly integrate both perspectives.

We firmly believe in the significance of offering products and services that seamlessly align with the evolving dynamics of our era. The cornerstone of this realization lies in QUON’s distinctive concept of “STEEL FURNITURE,” coupled with our vertically integrated production framework from our in-house facility. This synergy allows us to achieve an unparalleled level of “customizability” in terms of upholstery, frame color, and form. Building upon our accumulated methodologies and refined craftsmanship, we are dedicated to a continuous pursuit of elevated design aesthetics in our product development endeavors.


Archirivolto Design Studio

In 1989, Archirivolto Design Studio was established by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. Since then, the studio, which specializes in industrial design, has grown rapidly. With 10 designers and over 30 years of experience, it features a work style that can handle every process involved in creative work from a 360-degree perspective. The studio has received numerous awards, including the Young & Design Award.

Transmitting “beauty” from a town reminiscent of Renaissance Creators representing modern design

Colle di Val d’ Elsa, a town in Tuscany, Italy, is where the Archirivolto Design Studio was established. The studio has pursued “beauty” in every designer product it created. The mission of the studio is to deliver the true value of beauty to as many people as possible. The studio’s design output, based on that mission, has been highly acclaimed for its refined creativity.

Beautiful, Comfortable, and Buoyant Design
Athena – generated from the long-fostered spirit

Elaborate processes and approaches worthy of the name of the goddess responsible for arts and crafts were adopted for the design and development of Athena. Designing was conducted in three dimensions and a full-scale wooden model was created based on a stereographic drawing by Danilo, an Archirivolto Design modeling craftsman. Following further adjustments to details from ergonomic and aesthetic perspectives, the final form was determined. The beautiful, comfortable, and buoyant Athena, which embodies the spirit of the Archirivolto Design, can be used in a wide variety of ways, including as an interior decoration and an item for outdoor use.

  • *If the chair is left outside for a long time, it may deteriorate due to wind and rain. We recommend that it be kept indoors after use. *Please be advised that the seats of the chairs may get scratched by stacking and that the chairs may be susceptible to impact damage.